I didn’t always want to be a teacher. The idea of becoming a teacher didn’t come to fruition until my last half of undergrad, where I took a course in art education. The course resonated with me, it gave me an understanding of how education plays a large roll in who we become as individuals, and how we move forward and contribute to society. 

Teaching provides the opportunity to instill purpose, values, and virtue into students, and by extension the future. 


In art education, I believe learning is equitable. All expression in the arts is valid, and the way we learn and grow as individuals is through open communication and critical thinking. Students need to have endless channels and opportunities to express themselves in the classroom. 

To reemphasize, I hold my self accountable to be understanding, patient, and above all else compassionate. People are complex, and we have to remember that on any given day of teaching that we are educating people with a variety of life experiences and mentalities; it is unquestionably not a career for those who can't keep that at the forefront.  My purpose as an educator in the arts is to design a positive student-centered environment that can address the needs of a diverse community and provide students an atmosphere in which creative thinking is encouraged and developed. With human and ecological diversity at the heart of my teaching practice, I hope to explore how art education can merge diverse student interests and passions in an evolving, responsive and socially relevant way.

As an educator, I like to lead by example. I strive to be compassionate, patient and understanding.  These attributes serve to be the fundamental foundation of my teaching philosophy.  From birth onward, our ideologies and worldviews differ, and art fosters the development of learning about ourselves and those around us. People are diverse, they learn differently, and all have different personal experiences, strengths, and centers of perception. My goal as an educator is to ensure a classroom that addresses the needs of its learners and which is tolerant of their identity as human beings.  

Educational philosophy